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File Transfer

Transferring files in/out of Desktops

This section of Rescale Deskstops features how to properly transfer files between your active Desktops session and your Rescale cloud files.

Syncing Files Contained within a Job

Performing post-processing often involves generating additional files such as contour plots, solution animation, logs, etc, based on the nature of the simulation. To transfer files that are contained within a job, double click on the "attached_jobs" folder on the Desktop, and click on the specific job folder where you want to save files to.


Once in the job folder, find and click the "run1" folder. This is ideally where you can add new files and/or add additional folders that will contain such new files. For example, below we created two "JPEG" images from a post-processing activity (after the job was completed).

Files that are saved in the "input" folder will appear under the input files section of the jobs once synced. We recommend that you save your files in the results folder (run1,etc), following which the files will appear under the "results" section of the job.


To sync, double click on the "Manage Desktop" icon on the desktop. Click on "Sync Files" at the bottom of the page.


A small "Sync Files" window will appear showing all individual files that have been added to a job's folder. Notice the "refresh" icon on the right hand side, should you add more files after reaching this point then you can reload to display all new files added. When ready, click on "Sync files" and give it a few seconds to process.


When complete, you will see a "No files to sync" message. Click "Close". The job now contains the newly added files and this can be verified if you go to the "Jobs" tab on your Rescale account, locate the job, and go to Results to see the list of all files.

Uploading to Rescale Cloud Files

Alternatively, you can directly upload files to your Rescale Cloud Files. Double click on the "Cloud files" icon on your desktop. This will open your Rescale cloud platform account at the "Files" tab.


Click on the big "+" icon on the top left of the screen and browse for the file(s) that you wish to upload. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop files onto the "+" icon as seen below.


Downloading from Rescale Cloud Files

Should you like to download file(s) to your Desktop session, you can do so by going to the "Files" tab, select the file(s) (checkmarks inside box), press *"Actions" and select "Download selected files". The file(s) will be zipped and downloaded to the "Downloads"** folder.


Keep in mind, if you wish to download files from the Rescale "Jobs" tab instead, then you could make use of the Rescale Transfer Manager to download much faster than through the browser. To install and learn to use the Rescale Transfer Manager, you can read here.


Last Updated: May 25, 2017 10:50AM PDT

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