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Solve a 6SigmaRoom Model

This example shows you how to solve a 6SigmaRoom model on the Rescale platform. Please contact us if you're having trouble.

Sign Up and Log In

If you haven't done so already, you will need to sign up for a Rescale account.

To Sign Up
  1. Go to and enter your details - you will be sent a verification email
  2. Click the link to the Rescale platform site in the verification email (this can take up to 20 minutes to arrive)
  3. Log in to the Rescale platform site - you will see the welcome screen


Solve Models

Once you have created an account and signed in, you can begin creating jobs to solve your 6SigmaRoom models.

Create a New Job

  1. Click the + New Job button at the top-left of the Rescale welcome screen


Specify Input Files

You can add model files from cloud storage (hosted on Rescale) or from your computer. When adding jobs, the fields highlighted below must be set correctly.

Note: Models must be in the .zip format. If you have not already done so, open your model in 6SigmaRoom and go to Solve>Cloud Solve>Export to Cloud. The .zip file name must only contain characters between A - Z and 0 - 9. Including other characters can cause errors when importing to Rescale.


To Set Fields
  1. Edit the job name to one of your choice - in this example we will use 6SigmaRoom Tutorial Model
  2. Click:
    • Use files from cloud storage to use a previously uploaded model file
    • Upload from this computer to select a file on your computer or a local network
  3. Go to the location of your model file and select it
  4. Click Open/Add Selected Files
  5. Set the Job Type - in this example we will use the Basic setting

On completion, the Input Files setup page should look like that shown below.

6SigmaRoom Input Files Complete.png

  1. Click Next to move on to the Software Settings page

Software Settings

The next page allows you to select a software package and configure its settings.

To configure 6SigmaRoom
  1. Select 6SigmaRoom from the list of available software - the Analysis and License Options page will open
  2. Select a 6SigmaRoom Version from the drop-down list
  3. Leave the Command field set to the default value - 6SigmaRoom
  4. Select a License option:
    • Choose Purchase License to use an on-demand license for 6SigmaRoom
    • Choose Provide Existing License if this option is configured for your account, then enter the address of your 6SigmaRoom License Server. If you would like to activate this functionality, or are having issues using it, please contact Rescale support.

When completed, your Software Settings page should look like that shown below (depending on the license options you selected).

6SigmaRoom Software Settings Complete.png

  1. Click Next to move on to the Hardware Settings page

Hardware Settings

Hardware Settings allows you to specify the hardware you want to solve the model on, and provides pricing information for your selection.

To Configure Hardware
  1. Specify the Number of Cores you want to use (minimum: 8) - the Hardware Summary and Hourly Price Summary will update as this value changes
  2. (Optional) Specify a Maximum Job Duration (Hours)

When completed, your Hardware Settings page should look like that shown below.

6SigmaRoom Hardware Settings Complete.png

  1. Click Next to move on to the Post Processing page

Post Processing

The Post Processing stage is optional, and is not currently supported by 6SigmaRoom on the Rescale platform. Click Next to move on to the Review page.


The Review page displays a summary of the job and its associated settings prior to submission, as shown below.

6SigmaRoom Review Page.png

Ensure all of the settings are correct before submitting the job.

  • If the settings are incorrect, click the < Back and Next > buttons to move through the previous pages and edit the data
  • Click Save to save the job and its settings
  • Click Submit to send the job for solving


The Status page allows you to monitor your analysis after the job has been submitted. The job workflow icons, highlighted in red in the image below, allow you to navigate between the job Setup, Status, Results and Charts pages.

6SigmaRoom Rescale Solving.png

The Status page also allows you to view the contents of output files in realtime. This is known as live tailing a file. This can be very useful in monitoring the progress of a job.

To live tail a file, click the name of the file that you want to view.

For 6SigmaRoom jobs, the files of particular interest are:

  • process_output.log
  • All .png files in the list

The process_output.log file is created for every Rescale job, and contains all the terminal output from the command as it is executed.

The .png files contain snapshots of the residual and monitor plots normally found in the CFD solution window in the 6SigmaRoom software. In the example below, ACU Supply and Return Temperatures.png has been selected.

6SigmaRoom Preview ACU Temps.png

You can see the ACU supply and return temperatures at each iteration of the solution. These images are updated as the solution progresses.

View Results

When the job is completed, you will see the Results page, as shown below.

6SigmaRoom Results Page.png

From this page you can do several things:

  • Download all files using the blue Download button.
  • Use the Actions menu, highlighted in red, to act on groups of files selected using the checkboxes.
  • The Action buttons, highlighted in blue, allow you to view, download, delete, or make individual files available for future jobs.

Download Simulation Results

When you click the blue 'Download' button, Rescale will create a .zip file of all files in the list.

Note: Please ensure you do not import this .zip file - named '' - into your 6SigmaRoom model. The file containing the model's simulation results will be inside the downloaded .zip file, and will be named ''.

If you download the files using the Rescale Transfer Manager, they will not be zipped together. The simulation results .zip file will be downloaded into your destination folder, and can be imported straight into 6SigmaRoom.

To view results in 6SigmaRoom

You can import the downloaded simulation results .zip file back into 6SigmaRoom to view the results in your model.

  1. In 6SigmaRoom, open the model that you previously exported to Rescale
  2. Go to Solve>Cloud Solve>Import from Cloud
  3. Select the downloaded .zip file containing your simulation results (this will be named '')
  4. Click Open - the simulation results will be imported into the 6SigmaRoom model

Rescale Transfer Manager

The Rescale Transfer Manager is a Windows application that can be used to download output files for Rescale jobs. For large models, we recommend using this tool to download your simulation results quickly and reliably.

For information on using the Transfer Manager, see the article on how to use the Rescale Transfer Manager.

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017 02:24PM PST

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