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Downloading Data

Once your job has finished, you will most likely wish to access and download the results to your local computer. There are many ways to download all, or a subset, of the job files.

File Selection and Download

After your basic job has finished, you will be presented with the Results page as shown below (jobs with multiple runs will be discussed shortly). From this page you can access all the files associated with the job.


On this page you can:

  • Download a zip file containing all files associated with the run by clicking the blue Download button, which is highlighted in green. This zip file includes both input and output files.
  • Perform actions on a group of files. Selecting one or more files with the check boxes and clicking the Actions button, highlighted in red, you can download or delete a group of files. You can also make these files available as input files for future jobs, as well as directly clone the job with the selected files as input files.
  • Use the Action buttons, highlighted in orange, to manipulate a single file. These buttons enable you to view, download, or delete a file, as well as make it available as an input file for future jobs.

The file search menu, highlighted in purple, allows you to search for specific files. Note that only filenames are searched (the path of the file is ignored) and wildcards are currently not supported

Jobs with Multiple Runs

Some job types, such as DOEs, produce multiple runs within a single job. Each run has a set of input and output files associated with it. After a job with multiple runs is completed, the results screen will look similar to that seen below (these results are from the Post-Processing tutorial).


From this page you can:

  • Download all the files associated with the job in a single zip file by clicking the blue Download button at the top of the page. This zip file includes the input and output files of each individual run and may be very large
  • Download a zip file containing the input and output files of an individual icon by clicking the Download action button (highlighted in blue)
  • View the details of an individual run by clicking the run number or the Details action button next to the Download action button
  • Download a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file of the details of each individual run (start/stop time, variable values etc.) by clicking the CSV button

Viewing the details of an individual run brings you to the results page for that run. This page is the same as that seen in the previous section and all the same actions can be performed.

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2016 01:24PM PDT

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