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Cloning Feature

In this tutorial you will learn how to clone jobs on Rescale. Cloning creates a new job with the all the same settings and files of an existing job. This is often useful when only a small change needs to be made or an error in the setup must be fixed. You can also clone jobs shared with you (see our sharing feature) by other users such that you can run them yourself. Please contact us if you're having trouble.

To clone a job, click on it from your list of jobs. In this case, we will be cloning "Basic Job: Airfoil 2D Cloning".


You will be brought to the job page, and in this case, the Results page as this job has already been run. The clone button is found in the top right corner of the job page and is highlighted below.


You can also clone a job directly from your list of jobs using the clone action button highlighted below.


After clicking the clone button (on either the job page or from your list of jobs) you are brought to the job Setup page, shown below. The new job has all the same input files, software, hardware, and post-processing settings as the original and the title is appended with "(Cloned)" for clarity. From here you can make any changes necessary and submit the job.


Last Updated: Jan 22, 2016 01:20PM PST

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